Friday, November 29, 2013

Feeling silly...

So my last post was about my HSG test. I was stressed to the max. After reading so many different experiences through other blogs I was making myself literally sick with worry.
Here is MY experience.

My mom picked me up.
We stopped by the pharmacy because my doctor recommended Aleve or Motrin - since I'm not a huge medicine taker we had to stop a grab some.
I went with Aleve. Took 3. Headed to my appt.
Let me just say 15 minutes down the road I had psyched myself out so badly I told mom I was about to throw up. I was in a panic. It was raining. I was freaking out.
Mom just tried to calm me down  - but she knows me and I think knew I just needed to process and think it through.
(after she told me maybe 20 times to never look at the internet again. Right.)
We made it though. I ate maybe 3,403 tic tacs - but we made it.

I will say as far as the imaging center I was scheduled at I couldn't possibly have been more blessed by the staff. I was one of the first appointments so it was relatively quiet. They were very attentive and so so so sweet! I let them know my concerns and they were so comforting.

I went into the changing area and a guy walked in introducing himself as the xray tech and he broke down the whole procedure and what to expect even though I knew by heart from my "research"what was about to happen.
He tried to make a few jokes and was like yeah probably not the time right? No, dude. It's not.
I did appreciate the effort though :)
In the first xray room he had to take just a normal xray to make sure most fluids were out.
Totally not an issue. That was easy.
Then we went into the second xray room where the actual procedure was going to take place.
That's when I started crying. Ok, bawling.
He gave me a quick hug and said girl what are you even worried about? you look too young to be thinking about babies anyway... MORE TEARS! No!!! I'm almost 30.
Then I started laughing. It was weird bc I started thinking about how much he made. It must be a good sum to be so practiced in the art of false compliments and encouragements ;)

Ok, so now the actual situation.
I will just say I cried. The whole time.


I psyched myself so badly that I couldn't quit crying. Even when I KNEW it wasn't hurting!
The doctor (a pretty gal who looked years younger than me) (yes thought about that through tears as well) asked me what was wrong and if everything was ok.... I told her I was worried about the catheter going in and she said, babe it's already done! working on the dye right now!

I felt silly.
The dye did cause a tiny bit of cramping but for only maybe 5 seconds.
Then it was done girls! All the pain just gone! done!
What was a freaking about?!
Felt totalllllly dramatic.
Then I couldn't quit crying bc I felt so dumb.
It was a weird series of emotions.

So to wrap this up:
it wasn't bad at all. maybe "an inexperienced first time obgyn giving a pap smear for the first time" bad at the most.

I will say they did tell me that sometimes when there are abnormalities or blockages - or other things that could be wrong - there is more pain involved. I am in no way discrediting girls who say it was excruciating. Not my place. I just wanted to give a positive report that it can go painlessly and quickly, with only a tad bit of awkward.

We left the office and I felt just fine. I honestly could have driven myself if need be. Mom and I went and shopped around and had lunch so really it was an in and out procedure. I then went home and napped with Heidi the rest of the day so all in all it was a great experience thanks to the staff at the imaging center and probably the help of 3 Aleve.

So I haven't heard back from my doctor yet about our next step but the tech went over my results and said everything looked beautiful. Weird considering that I'm going through infertility. Nothing about my inner workings are apparently beautiful ;) but I will take it! So no blockages, no abnormalities. Praise Jesus. One less issue to worry about. Even though some type of answer would have been nice to explain the issues we are having  - have to think of this as a huge win for my body.... its about time!

James thinks that since my cycles are so all over the place one of our main problems is timing. He is super hopeful that with a monitored clomid iui cycle we will have a mini Stell on the way before we know it!

Well that was my experience. Just wanted to share.
Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!
We did!

Lots of love,


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  1. Hi Lauren~ I came across your blog bc I'm also planning to start Clomid and of course scoured the internet to see who else has gone through this TTC phase. Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. No more blogging?? We miss you!